Sweet Seventeen

on Wednesday 9 January 2013
It was my Birthday yesterday wooop... January the 8th. I've always loved my Birthday being straight after the new year it kind of runs with the new year, new age type theme. A lot happened last year: I aced my GCSE's, started College and I discovered tons about myself and makeup. I feel that this year will exceed my wildest expectations but to help me get there I have set my self some (que dramatic music), new years resolutions.

New years resolutions, those things we promise ourselves we will stick to every year but come February we resort back to our old patterns with a strong sense of unaccomplishment. A quote I came across changed my perception of the importance of what type of resolutions you create.
you can't talk yourself out of a problem you behave yourself into - Stephen Covey
I think if I truly wan't to change anything about myself this year it has to revolve around actively changing how I behave. So here goes something.

1. Discover who I am in Christ

I am a Christian and feel my confidence comes from Christ and my belief in his word. I feel that when I do read the bible I discover so much about the human condition and who I am in him. I feel I still have a lot more to lear about myself so every month I will focus on a trait I want to have or develop and find out what the Bible says about it. Like beauty, confidence, generosity, etc. and write a blog post about them to inspire you guys.

2. Appreciate the Small Things

Sometimes in life its easy to take people, things and time for granted. I really am going to try to take the time out each day to appreciate something or someone for doing things. It's easy not to say thank you or appreciate the people you've known for the longest as bright new exciting people come into the picture. But when you take time to reflect how much certain people have contribute to your growth as a person, you really understand how much they're valued.

3. Give Out Love

I do believe to some degree in the laws of karma; the love you give is the love you get. I feel that sometimes I don't show as much love to people as I should, probably because of lack or confidence or fear of not getting any back. I feel sometimes the hate and negativity I experience/feel only appear in the absence of love. I kind of want to get back to the way I was when I first started secondary school. 100% me, without any fear of who wouldn't like me, my jokes or the way I spoke. I just focused on the people that got me, regardless of how 'cool' we were considered.

4. Just Do It

Slightly reminiscent of the old Nike advertising campaign, but its message still ring true. Procrastination is  a productivity killer and I have spent far to many occasions putting off  homework and revision by wasting my time on YouTube. Yes, only Youtube. I need to stop waisting time and just do things as soon as they are given to me, instead of pushing things to the last minute.

5. Dream Big

I am always the person, to sit back and observe what everyone else is doing and wish I could do those things; like travel, perform and design. However I realised near the ending of last year that my limitations are self inflicted. I need to to start dreaming big not realistically. I need to reach for the unreachable whether that means applying for that job I think I won't get or that work experience placement that doesn't ever take people my age on.

...and scene. My apologies if this was a bit of a bore but I needed to relive my soul and share with my online family a little portion of the thoughts that scurry around my head all day.

Share some of your 2013 resolutions...


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