on Sunday 1 January 2012
The new year comes with tons of people promising to change themselves through a bucket-load of resolutions that lets face it, never get fulfilled. Then February comes along and people moan about their failed diets, shaking from nicotine withdrawal and wallowing in their misery about failing their commitments to the new year. Entering my teens with a bang compelled me to keep up with this western tradition, being young I obviously went for the most superficial things you could think of:loose weight, create a nail polish collection. Though I achieved the latter

Now still being the tender age of 15 (16 in a couple of days) I decided to take different approach and address the key things things that are actually wrong in my life so I can come out the other end and hopefully fix it. People say its best to get into good habits when your young and they'll follow you through the rest of your days.  So that what I have decided to do, hopefully.

New Years Resolutions Habits

Talk to God Everyday Everyday, We Don't Care What People Say 'WWJD?'

Even if I've done something horribly wrong, as a Christian I believe that true change really only comes from a higher power and a deep sense of conviction. So convict me 'Jebus'.

Stop Being Late

Bart Simpsons Chalkboard
It time for me to accept that BMT (Black Man Timing) is only a fallacy that exists within my head and I must get to all events and school on time... I must get to all events and school on time...

Stop Procrastinating

I'm really bad at this, so bad that I haven't read the 'Now Habit', a book my mum got me to stop me getting distracted. I'm sure even writing this blog post is some form of procrastination. Most importantly GCSE's + Procrastination = Elizabeth getting shipped back to Nigeria, African parents really don't take grades lightly.

Be All About My Money

As ghetto and hoodrat-ish as it sounds, I have a great deal of respect for this statement. I have come to the conclusion that my future belongs to me and so long as I'm focused the only thing that can stop me is me... dying from that cliché. If I don't take my work seriously who else will... just my work I refuse to take myself too seriously as whole and become one of those people who can't relax... as much as I respect the look, uptight personality, no social life a stress lines at the age of 15 just isn't cute for me.

With that said, Happy New Year! Wish me luck.