on Friday 30 December 2011
Though the title of this post sounds like something Lord Alan Sugar would ask his minions in a glossy board room, I would like to think this blog is a far cry from all things late night BBC. No one hour daily news report explaining why the world is such a horrible place and no soap opera  rolling up every single social problem in the world into little bite-size chunks, presented on a platter of badly written scripts and blatant plot holes.
Aside from the millions of bloggers that exits I like to think of myself as a fountain of knowledge, no really. I have a ton of things to share mostly beauty related and to do with hair but not inundated with annoying questions such as 'what should I wear?'. That rhymed (she types effortlessly after pain painstakingly figuring out what rhymes with hair).

After doing tons of research (none whatsoever) I have come to the conclusion that the majority of people, including me, are consumed with the concept  of celebrity. So I have taken it upon myself to  become a self-made celebrity, in the usual sense. I will talk about myself in third person from time to time, flaunt the very very very little money I have and let the whole world know what I am thinking without fail every month.

Tell us what sets you apart?

All narcisim aside, I think that a 15 year old girls perspective of the world could be very entertaining and hopefully interesting. I do have a passion for fashion all things beauty and music so that is what I'll be posting 75% of the time. Though my golden throne, millions of pounds and villa in Spain still await me in alternate time line, for the moment I will become your faux, touchable and all to familiar self-made celebrity. 

And who am I? Well that's a secret I'll never tell. Cringe.