Ombre Toe Nails!

on Thursday 24 May 2012

I finally decided to try out ombre nails after seeing so much of them online and they turned out great. Whenever I try out a new nail polish look I always try it out on my toe nails first, just in case I mess it up, which explains the beauties your about to view :D.
I used a tutorial by the BEAUTY DEPARTMENT with a couple twists.

How you do dat?

  1. Paint your nails white to create a base for your nail polish
  2. Apply tape round the edges, then apply vaseline to the parts you didn't get to allow extra nail polish to be removed easily
  3. Using a cut up make up or kitchen sponge apply the colours you want to blend in vertical stripes
  4. Apply the polish to your nail using the sponge to the nail until blended smoothly
  5. Apply top coat to smooth the nail out
  6. Remove tape and clean up excess nail polish with a Q-Tip and nail polish remover

Sally Hansen - White Tip, 2True - Shade 2, Collection 2000 - Tutti Fruity, H&M  Nail Polish - Plum

What are some of your favorite nail polish trends?

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