Nail of the Day | Look Beauty Nail Pop Vintage

on Thursday, 11 October 2012
Several nail trends have come and gone, but none has been more impacting than the vintage blue trend. Its soft almost pastel like nature makes it stand out, regardless of what outfit you're wearing. Lucky for most it compliments all skin-tones, without make people look extra pale or extra dark. Last but not least, I think we all can admit we feel slightly more hipster whilst wearing it... is that so bad?

I feel like Look Beauty's attempt at this trend is by far one of my favorites, the established the perfect turquoise balance without leaning too much into the world of mint green. This blue perfectly suits darker skin-tones, which is rare to find and managed to grab the attention of loads of stranger who wanted to know what colour it was!

Look Beauty packaging is so chic and vintage looking, and most importantly big. The trendy container packs in a large 10ml. Personally, I think they are worth £5 as they as Look Beauty's Nail Pops are high quality on trend shades that dry flawlessly. My only complaint is that the gold paint on the nail polish caps seem to peel after a while, again I don't know if this has to to with the way I store them.

The formula of the polish itself is beautiful, thick constancy that applies onto the nail rather creamily and smoothly in just two coats. It dries fairly quickly to a high gloss and doesn't seem to chip easily, but that might be down to my base coast and chip coat.


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