Sundance Husdon is a pseudonym  for every thing that makes me tick. As a self confessed nail fanatic, make up fiend and fashion lover I have a lot to bring to the beaty blogging world. My love of science feeds my my obsession with black/afro hair growth and the different products needed to maintain a healthy head of hair. I want to share everything with my readers, right down to my passion for photography and brand new forms of music. Sundance Hudson is me, a 16 year old sharing the most interesting aspects of her life in th hope that someones listening.

To help turn my thoughts to give my random interests some order I have created categories for what I'm most likely to post.

WAR PAINT | Nail Polish Tutorials + Reviews

RECORDS | Music Reviews + Artist Profiles

CURL CANDY | Hair Product Reviews + Tutorials + Length Checks

COTTON | Trend Watches + Hauls

PRETTY UGLY | Make Up Reviews + Tutorials 


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