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on Wednesday, 18 July 2012
Two weeks ago I had my Record of Achievement Day and Prom, which was a whole lot of fun and glamour. I decided to keep my nails fairly simple and go with a coral to match the colour of my dress and a sparkly silver feature nail to match my shoes. I dabbled with the idea of getting acrylic but the thought of ruining my natural nails put me off completely, maybe I might try them out... one day. 

Ignore the post exam exam bedroom mess in the background, my sister came back from university and lent me her guitar so I've been occupied with learning how to play it. In addition to practising Viola and Piano, I think I can actually become a one man band!

Back to the nail polish, Coral Flair has been on my wish list for a couple months now and when I discover it was half price in Superdrug I finally gave in and purchased it. It's a beautiful summery coral shade that in some lights looks like a barbie pink and goes perfect with all skin tones. Its so warm and girly and brightens up any outfit its paired with.

Accessorize - Coral Flair, Revlon Top Speed - Lily, L.A Colors Art Deco - Glittery Silver

The formula is really good not to thick not too thin, but the polish is really let down by the fat stubby brush that makes application a nightmare. I guess its alright for toes, but my poor pinky finger was literally slathered in polish once I'd finished. I'm glad I purchased it for half price, as in my personal opinion its absolutely tiny and doesn't seem like it will last long.

Feauture Nail

  1. Paint your chosen feature nail one coat of grey
  2. Paint over the grey with a highly pigmented silver glitter
  3. Apply a thick top 

Coral nail polish Yay or Nay?


Ashley Monique said...

This is adorable <3
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wastedpixie said...

very beautiful nail colours! i was just painting my nails like that today as well!
would you like to follow each other?

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