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on Friday, 8 June 2012
Once again, I over did it at Poundland when I discovered these cute little balms from New York Colour. I picked up the four colours, Sugar Kissed, Sugar Coated, Sugar Baby and Sugar Fairy. I love the packaging of these, its so compact and easy to drop into your pocket or bag when your in a rush.

L-R: Sugar Coated (509A), Sugar Kiss (510A), Sugar Fairy (513A), Sugar Baby (512A)
The name of these 'lip balms' is quite deceiving because they have the formula of a lip gloss. The lip glosses are thank fully not too sticky however it is best to avoid eating anything that produces crumbs when wearing them. Its quite thick and glooply meaning it will last about 4 hours on your lips before you'll need to reapply. They can be applied thinly for a sheer subtle look during the day time and applied more heavily in the evening for a bold glossy lip

L-R: Sugar Coated, Sugar Kiss, Sugar Fairy, Sugar Baby

The lip glosses are quite moisturising but its a safer bet to apply a lip balm underneath to give your lips a smother appearance.  Unlike most lip gloss/balms these have pretty good ingredients such as Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter. 

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Sugar Coated

Sugar Kiss

Sugar Fairy

Sugar Baby

As you can tell the colours come up very sheer against my lip tone, but as i have discoverd when worn over a nude lipstick they 'pop' much more. My favorite two have to be Sugar Baby and Sugar Kiss. Sugar Baby give my lips a very natural red tone and makes me looks 10 times better with no other makeup on. Sugar Baby is a lovely candy pink tone that gives a really subtle colour change that compliments whatever make up I chose to wear.

What's your favourite?


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